Technology Talks

Along with world class systems and processes, you need world class technology. At Salescorp 360, you can tick that box… we have invested millions of dollars in predictive dialer technology, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), digital call recording, database management, campaign reporting, redundancies and CRM solutions.

We provide an efficient, streamline information flow that allows our customers to access relevant data, reporting, results and correspondence from anywhere in the world.

Now this is a call centre!

Our call centres are just like our technology… world class.

A workplace is something to be proud of. It should instill a sense of belonging and make staff feel welcome as well as valued. Salescorp 360 staff are important and we like them to know it. This all starts from the moment they walk into our offices. Plenty of space, good music, nice views and large work stations are just the start. We provide kitchen facilities, lounges, tea, coffee and breakfast, and even comfy chairs!

Our head office is located in Queensland, Australia. For contact details please go to our contact us page.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Salescorp 360 conducts all client campaigns in-house. We do not ‘offload’ to other call centres to fulfill any overflow of work. So be sure your call centre partner is actually your call centre partner.