Salescorp Marketing Solutions is the first marketing and call centre service provider in Australia to be granted an Australian Credit Licence. Add to this our membership of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), and Salescorp is the most compliant and reputable telemarketing service provider in the country.

So if you are seeking an outbound call centre partner, Salescorp Marketing Solutions is fully compliant and fully licensed to undertake credit activities.

So what does an Australian Credit Licence mean to our customers?

Any business that has gone through the process of becoming a member of AFCA and attaining an Australian Credit Licence will know the height of scrutiny, compliance, financial stability and operational effectiveness required… not only of the business, but of directors and key management.
For a company to be granted an Australian Credit Licence by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC), it must comply with a strict set of regulations and legislation, including the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009. This legislation is designed to ensure ethical business practices and to guarantee consumer protection. This includes;

  • Proving company officers possess credentials of a responsible professional history and relevant industry qualifications and experience to undertake their duties,
  • Proving the organisation has a respectable corporate record and trading history, including financial stability,
  • Providing comprehensive consumer compensation protection and insurance cover
  • Maintaining membership in a recognised External Dispute Resolution Scheme (EDRS) – Salescorp is a member of AFCA
  • Providing written procedures and policies for internal dispute resolution, financial management controls, ongoing training commitments, IT recover and redundancy plans and regulatory compliance procedures

This means that clients of Salescorp Marketing Solutions are assured that their campaigns operate under strictly monitored internal processes, while adhering to the licensing regime governed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Salescorp Marketing Solutions is licensed to discuss with consumers finance products (home loans etc), credit facilities (credit cards etc), insurance products and leasing products on behalf of any client in these industries… to our knowledge, no other outbound call centre in the country can currently make this claim.

There are enough regulations to keep everyone in the finance industry busy, so do you really need the added worry of your outbound partners not being 100% compliant – because when it comes to telemarketing, if the call centre breaks the rules, it is generally the client that takes the responsibility – and the fines – and the punishment… do you really need that risk?

With Salescorp Marketing Solutions, you’re covered.

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For further information about AFCA or to view Salescorp Marketing Solutions’ membership details, click here to go to the AFCA website.

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